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New Joy Child Seat from Polisport

Polisport (Portugal) – Press Release: The ideal child seat to cherish the freedom of cycling.

To cherish the joy of cycling we've launched a new child seat. We've named it Joy. With Joy® we want the families to feel the wind blow through their hairs and to enjoy the warm sunshine. Joy features all the best that we've come up with in these last 40 years.

Available for carriers, standard frames, and small frames and 29ers, Joy features an ergonomic shape with increased lateral protection, adjustable footrests, large feet protection and a safety reflective sticker. Its cooling vents allow an aerodynamic airflow, ideal when riding without the child. Also has a safety reflective sticker.

Joy FF/29":

Joy CFS:

For more information about the New Joy Child Bike Seat from Polisport click here.

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