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New Cycling Compression Socks by veloToze

veloToze (USA) – "veloToze Cycling Socks with Active Compression are designed to help you perform your best while cycling. The compression level is designed to help manage blood flow to your feet while you ride. The Merino Wool blend naturally wicks away sweat to keep feet dry in summer and warm in winter", explained the company.

"Merino Wool is also naturally antibacterial so these socks wont get that funky cycling shoe smell. They are designed to be worn alone or with veloToze Shoe Covers. Whether you are racing, training or commuting, veloToze Cycling Socks will keep your feet dry and comfortable", added veloToze.

  • Active Compression: 12 - 16 mmHg for use while cycling
  • Merino Wool Blend: keeps feet cool in summer, warm in winter and is naturally antibacterial
  • Compatible: designed to fit under veloToze Tall Shoe Covers for colder, wet weather
  • Crew Height: 15 Cm/ 6 inch

For more information about the New Cycling Compression Socks from veloToze click here.

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