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New Sport Sunglasses launched by Siroko Tech

Siroko Tech (Spain) – Siroko Tech added the new “The Runner“, “Regatta” and “Walk Race” to their K2 line of sport sunglasses.

Siroko K2 The Runner:

The Siroko Tech K2 The Runner have been developed to adapt to the demands of the most challenging sportsmen. Panoramic lens that counts on twelve layers forming a polarized TAC lens with REVO coverage. Dry Sky system that keeps away the sweat from your vision. Ultra-resistant polycarbonate. Only 28 grams.

Siroko K2 Regatta:

You can only focus on what really matters if you count on the most advanced technology. The Siroko Tech K2 Regatta adapt to the most extreme and demanding sports thanks to their TAC polarized lenses with REVO coverage. Its polycarbonate frame is ultra-resistant and is only 28 grams. The exclusive Dry Sky system keeps away the humidity from the sportsman's eyes.

Siroko K2 Walk Race:

The Siroko Tech K2 Walk Race sport sunglasses are the result of avant-garde technology put to the service of the most exigent sportsmen. Ultra-panoramic screen that counts on twelve layers forming a polarized TAC lens with REVO coverage and wrapped by a polycarbonate frame of lasting durability which is ultra lightweight (only 28 grams).

For more information about the New Sport Sunglasses from Siroko Tech click here.

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