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Canyon (Germany) – "We pride ourselves on extracting the best performance from our products. This is why we started developing our own seatposts, cockpits, handlebars and stems, to further enhance the fundamental connection between the rider and our bikes", explained Canyon.

Cockpits & Spacers:

"Optimised for outstanding ergonomics and watt-saving aerodynamic performance, our integrated cockpits not only look fast, they are fast", they added.

Handlebars & Stems:

"Tested to exceed all industry standards, we offer a wide range of curves or rise for mountain and road with stems to match that meet your riding demands", continues Canyon.


"If you're after more comfort without compromising performance, look no further than your bike's seatpost. Our innovative carbon components take the edge off the roughest roads and trails", concluded the company.

For more information about the Road and MTB Components from Canyon click here.

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