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Nippo Vini Fantini & De Rosa renewed their Partnership

Nippo Vini Fantini Pro Cycling Team (Japan, Italy) – Nippo Vini Fantini & De Rosa, the Partnership continue. Signed the Partnership Renewal for the 2018 Season, looking forward to Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.

The team will ride on the bicycles of the memorable Italian brand also in the 2018 season. Together since the begin of the project, the collaboration goes on, looking forward to Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.

Cristiano De Rosa: “The sportive Sponsorships, the races, the competitions are in our brand DNA. With the Nippo Vini Fantini is more than a partnership is a project builded together year after year.”

Francesco Pelosi: “We are happy to give continuity and to give the chance to our riders to pedal on bicycles technologically advanced and coming from the great quality of Made in Italy.”

The day before of “Il Lombardia”, one of the historic races of the Italian cycling, famous worldwide, the Nippo Vini Fantini and the memorable Italian bike constructor, De Rosa, signed the renewal of the partnership for the sportive season 2018.

While OrangeBlue riders and the De Rosa Protos are ready to ride the Muro di Sormano and Madonna del Ghisallo, in Cusano Milanino, where De Rosa Headquarter is located, the General Manager of the team Francesco Pelosi and the De Rosa Administrator, Cristiano De Rosa, are planning the future. A future that looks forward to Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, in the sign of continuity.

The partnership between Nippo Vini Fantini Team and De Rosa is the natural continuation of a collaboration started since the real begin of the Italian-Japanese team, together with Nippo and Vini Fantini brands, and that will continue for the 5th year in a row. This will give continuity to the project and the chance to the OrangeBlue riders to pedal on top Italian bikes, all studied and made in Cusano Milanino De Rosa Lab. At the same time the De Rosa brand will have the visibility guarantee by an international team as the Italian-Japanese one, and in particular way in important countries as Italy and Japan.

The first declaration about the partnerships comes from Cristiano De Rosa, the Administrator of De Rosa, Cristiano De Rosa: “The sportive sponsorship is in our DNA, as the races and the competitions are the natural environment of ours Protos De Rosa bike, the one used by Nippo Vini Fantini riders. To going on with this collaboration is a natural consequence. The project has been thought and is born with the collaboration of De Rosa, of Vini Fantini and of Nippo. These 3 brands are the historic partners of the team. The 2018 will be the 5th season together and we hope it can be full of sportive success, in Italy, in Japan and Worldwide.”

Also the General Manager of the Nippo Vini Fantini team, Francesco Pelosi, is very satisfied of the renewal of the trust received from De Rosa: “We are really happy to give continuity to the project giving the chance to our riders to ride on Italian bikes, technologically advanced, very competitive and with an unique Made in Italy soul. The team growth pass thought solid foundation with our main partners with whom we are doing this project that has the aim of growing up young Italian and Japanese talents looking forward to Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. To made them pedal on bikes of great quality is very important, I’m very happy and satisfied to announce the renewal of the partnership with De Rosa, that together with Farnese Vini and Nippo represents one of the pillars of our team.”

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