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Megamo introduced the New 27.5 XR MTB Bikes

Megamo Bicycles (Spain) – "Play with the ground of your favorite paths. Descend faster than the last time. Learn into curves. Don't fear braking last minute. Climb to the top. This is #Enduro. Enjoy descending but never giving up on hills. After spending time developing, #Megamo introduces its new platform called XR. Designed to be strong, comfortable, handy, exciting and confident. The all mountain geometry and the long-travel suspension ensure the perfect traction and grip", shared Megamo about the new XR Bikes.

XR Models:
  • 27.5' XR 5
  • 27.5' XR 10

For more information about the New 27.5 XR MTB Bike Range from Megamo Bicycles click here.

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