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Koben S Urban Electric Bike from Karmic Bikes

Karmic Bikes (USA) – "We start with the same light alloy frame and powerful mid-drive motor as the Koben, but include some choice upgrades. The NuVinci N380 CVT hub gives the Koben S unparalleled hill-climbing ability. Along with the 5 levels of boost, there's no incline steep enough to stop the Koben S! The new Gates Carbon Belt Drive is stronger, lighter and less maintenance than a standard chain. There's no grease or grime to get your nice work clothes dirty", explained Karmic Bikes.

"The S is also upgraded to full California Class 3 spec. - which means a 28mph speed limit. We upgrade the brakes to TRP's Slate T4 four-piston stoppers to keep you safe and in control. The full-carbon fiber fork offsets some weight while adding strength. We even added integrated daytime running lights (front and rear) and full-width fenders for year-round riding. A more comfortable saddle and wide grippy flat pedals round out the list of improvements that a discerning rider would appreciate. This is your new urban electric vehicle, ready to tackle the streets and crush your commute", added the company.


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