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GripGrab launched the New CyclinGaiter Neoprene Covers

GripGrab (Denmark) – "The most common problem with shoe covers in rainy conditions? Water running down from the legs into the shoe covers. The CyclinGaiter is a suitable solution for an inherent problem", stated GripGrab.

The GripGrab CyclinGaiter is a PU coated neoprene cover, that is pulled over the top of the shoe cover and sits super tightly on the leg, closing the gap between the top of the shoe cover and the leg. The CyclinGaiter, because it’s made from PU coated neoprene, can’t get soaked in water and therefore doesn’t become heavier or colder when wet.

CyclinGaiter in short:
  • PU coated neoprene seal for the gap between leg warmers and shoe cover
  • Available in black and Hi-Vis, both with reflective logos
  • Prolonging the time it takes for water to run into the shoe/shoe cover
  • Compatible with winter cycling shoes as well


For more information about the New CyclinGaiter from GripGrab click here.

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