KHE Bikes launched their New KHE x AFFIX BMX Tires

KHE Bikes (Germany) – KHE Bikes proudly present their new BMX tires. The KHE x AFFIX tire was designed by Bram Verhallen (KHE Flatland Driver & Industrial Designer). It was very important for Bram that it has all the qualities that make a BMX tire of today. Due to the grooves in the tread, the tire is very smooth, fast and you can simply roll forward or backward. The surface is slightly diamonded to have an optimal grip on the ramp or even with the shoe. With 2.40" the tire is really greasy. Just for street or park the shocks are optimally dampened during jumping. A central point for KHE is the weight and the stability. With the KHE x AFFIX tire KHE Bikes succeeded with a weight of just 630g.

  • Weight: 630g
  • Size: 20" Inch (for 20" rims only)
  • Width: 2,40"
  • Pressure: MAX 4bar
  • Available in black, black brown, blue


For more information about the New KHE x AFFIX BMX Tires from KHE Bikes click here.

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The New Patron BMX Frame from WeThePeople

WeThePeople (Germany) – The Patron Frame is an elegant frame that combines smooth and graceful designs with up to the minute technical concepts. Despite it's roots as our street weapon, the Patron is made to shred any terrain, and has everything a modern rider is looking for including a higher stand over height, tapered tubing and and special cnc machined dropouts designed to fit pegs and hub guards perfectly even when slammed.

  • Tubing: Butted, seamless 4130 chromoly tubing japanese
  • Toptube: 20.5" / 20.75 "/ 21.15" TT
  • Chainstay Length: 13.25 " with 25-9 gearing, 13" slammed
  • Angles: HT: 75 °, ST: 71°
  • Bottom Bracket: Type: mid-bb, width: 74mm, height: 11.65 ", cnc machined and heat-treated
  • Headtube: Cnc machined and heat-treated, integ. h / set, drilled for gyro tabs
  • Dropouts: 6mm, CNC machined, 4130 crmo
  • Specials: Frame comes drilled for removable brake mounts, but brake hardware is NOT included

For more information about the New Patron BMX Frame from WeThePeople click here.

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Magura's New HC3 Brake Lever for Individual Tunning

Magura (Germany) – The newly developed HC3 lever – which was especially engineered with the input of Danny MacAskill for his signature edition of the MAGURA MT7 – is now available as spare part for tuning.

The HC3 is shortened and carries a lot of features for individual adjustments. Every rider can tune in his personal braking feeling perfectly. A unique feature is the adjustment of the leverage which changes the braking power.

The HC3 lever is compatible to Magura models: MT6, MT7, MT8 and MT Trail Carbon. To be on the safe side when switching from your old lever Magura recommend visiting your local bicycle dealer and MAGURA specialist.

Tech Features:
  • Optimum modulation: the 1-finger lever delivers maximum performance for every rider through its unreached modulation
  • Reach Adjust w/ Allen3: the lever can be adjusted quick and simple to your handsize, finger length or personal preferences
  • Ratio Adjust w/ Torx T25: when changing the leverage mechanically the braking power is adjusted differently, which leads to perfect amount of braking power for every situation:
    1. high leverage on sticky terrain = high braking power, wet and slippery ground
    2. small leverage = extended modulation
  • Improved ergonomy of the lever – the middle finger now has a bigger contact area, when pulling the lever to the handlebar the fingers aren‘t pinched anymore
  • weight: 38g
For more information about the Brakes from Magura click here.

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Experience the next level of grip with GripGrab InsideGrip

GripGrab (Denmark) – Danish cycling and running accessories specialist GripGrab has never made a secret of taking consumer feedback seriously. Together with feedback from their GripGrab Local Heroes, an ingenious invention changes your perception of grip.

They present a new concept to achieve exceptional grip in cycling gloves.

Glove designers usually focus on grip between glove and handlebars rather than on improving overall grip. Adding grip on the outside of the palm does not factor in that handlebar grips normally provide plenty of friction to the glove itself, but that on the inside of the glove, the palm will tend to slide on the palm material and compromise grip.

GripGrab’s solution features silicon grips located inside the glove. They improve friction between glove and palm, making the glove work like a second skin with an unprecedented grip. The fingertips incorporate the same approach and ensure grip to the brake levers and gear shifters.

“Since the majority of mountain bikers already have nonslip grips on their bars which work well with gloves, the real challenge was to ensure the same high level of grip and connectivity between the rider’s hand and the glove. This is where the GripGrab InsideGrip prevails.”, GripGrab Director of R&D, Kristian Kroyer, explains.

There are two models in the new SS17 range benefitting from the InsideGrip innovation. The GripGrab Vertical and Racing full finger MTB and Downhill gloves will give dedicated riders all the grip they could possible wish for, while maintaining GripGrab’s famous high quality and durability. Moreover, using the InsideGrip innovation prevents blisters, as there will be no rubbing between the hand and the glove.




For more information about the InsideGrip Innovation from GripGrab click here.

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Exustar Upgrades Production Facilities

Exustar (Taiwan) – In February, Exustar began pedal production at a new factory. The new plant in the Dajia Youth Industrial zone, is not far from the company's headquarters in Taichung, Taiwan. Using the latest manufacturing technology, with 12 production lines and 60 employees, the plant has a capacity for producing 30,000 pairs of pedals per month.

General manager Calvin Hsieh said, "With the new plant, we are more efficient. It gives us room to grow, and also beef up our R&D and testing regime."

For more information about the Cycling Products from Exustar click here.

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New Video about BMC's Big Wheel Concept (BWC)

BMC (Switzerland) – "Ever wondered why our 29ers seem to handle so well when the trails get tight and the climbs get tough?"

The latest installment of TrainingLabs pulls back the curtain on BMC's Big Wheel Concept (BWC) and explains the magic behind their World Cup winning 29er geometry solution.

Training Labs is an educational series designed to explain the technical aspects of BMC's mountain, road, and triathlon bikes. This Lab is focused on our Big Wheel Concept (BWC). Featured on all BMC 29er mountain bikes, BWC is a philosophy that balances the roll over capabilities of 29 inch wheels with the agility demanded by riders today. With wide bars, a short stem, low bottom bracket, a slack heat tube angle, and tight chain stays, BMC cover everything.

In this video, BMC take you through BWC from front to back and explain how each aspect of this progressive geometry works together to create an agile, yet confident ride.


For more information about the 29 MTB Bikes from BMC click here.

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CeramicSpeed announces a New improved formula for their UFO Racing Chains

CeramicSpeed (Denmark) – "World’s fastest racing chains to ride double the distance and save more watts".

The cycling industry’s leading ceramic bearing manufacturer, CeramicSpeed, announces a new improved formula for their UFO Racing Chains originally launched in 2015.

As one of the manufacturer of the highest quality ceramic bearings on the market, CeramicSpeed delivers the lowest friction bearing products and fastest racing chains in the world. Aiming to provide the fastest drivetrain solutions, CeramicSpeed’s passion for achieving the lowest friction levels is deeply rooted in the company’s DNA. Staying true to this mission, CeramicSpeed acquired Ultra Fast Optimization Racing chains in 2015, moving the company’s production base from the US to Europe.

The CeramicSpeed UFO Racing Chains are high quality chains crafted by high-end manufacturers, each individually optimized by hand in Denmark following a multi-step process involving a unique wax formula with special additives. The addition of optimized racing chains to CeramicSpeed’s existing ceramic bearings ranges has followed the company’s natural development. The world’s fastest racing chains have already been a part of the victory for many athletes and riders worldwide. This new improved formula opens up even greater performance opportunities.

Double the distance – 600 km/370 miles of optimal performance:
Friction Facts, a US-based drivetrain efficiency lab, was recently acquired by CeramicSpeed and has become a vital cog in the company’s international R&D commitment to performance. The fruits of this expansion are shown in the development of this improved version of ultrafast racing chains.

Since its original launch in 2015, the CeramicSpeed UFO Racing Chains have guaranteed optimal energy gains for about 320 km/ 200 miles of riding. After this distance, the power savings were seen to slowly decrease with chain/lube wear. Thanks to the new improved formula, the CeramicSpeed UFO Racing Chains now last almost double the distance and feature even lower friction.

Following several months of lab and road tests, the wax-based ultrafast optimization formula used in the UFO Chain Optimization process ensures that the new racing chains will now last 600 km / 370 miles before significant efficiency losses, and potentially even longer. Ideally-suited for the racing ambitions of a serious rider, the CeramicSpeed UFO Racing Chains remain the perfect choice for optimal road applications and riding in dry and clean weather conditions.

Up to 15% less friction:
While the distance increases, the friction diminishes. The latest frictional tests show that compared to the earlier version of the CeramicSpeed UFO Chain, the new formula shaves off up to 15% more of the chain friction. Due to the new improved formula and in-house performance testing, the CeramicSpeed UFO Racing Chains will now be produced and offered in two options: an optimized KMC SL 11s and 10s chain which is compatible with SRAM, Campagnolo and Shimano, and a new optimized Dura-Ace HG901 11s chain specific to Shimano drivetrains. The chains will continue to be delivered together with a bottle of Squirt lube for maintenance use after the 600 km / 370 miles have been surpassed.

For more information about the New UFO Racing Chains from CeramicSpeed click here.

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Creating Custom 100% Helmets Is Already Possible With the New Catlike APP

Catlike (Spain) – At Catlike they not only manufacture their helmets completely in Spain, but now they present a new 3D application in which you can paint your own Catlike and customize it.

Entering Catlike website is a new experience for any cyclist. From a PC or smartphone, anyone can play with the new 3D application that Catlike has presented and allows you to design and paint your Catlike helmet completely, in all its components and can even add a name or slogan and a club logo. In addition, lets share your own design on Facebook and Twitter.

In this way, Catlike becomes the first company to create custom helmets to any user from a unit and at very affordable prices.

Currently, it is possible to enter Catlike website and create a unique helmet of the Mixino, Cloud352, Olula and Leaf2C models and, soon, these will be added the Rapid, Rapid Tri and new helmets: the Catlike Yelmo , the first MTB helmet with support for action camera and focus; and the Catlike Forza, the new enduro helmet and descent helmet of the Murcia brand, with detachable chin rest.

Also, it will be possible to purchase them directly from this online application and receive them at home or at the nearest Catlike official store. Likewise, prices will be discounted depending on the quantities requested, starting from one unit to discounts of 20% on orders for groups, clubs or clubs of 20 units or more.

Thus, within a time of manufacture and delivery of maximum 30 days, Catlike is able to manufacture and deliver to the customer their personalized helmets. The brand of the cat becomes the only manufacturer of helmets of bike that develops a program of helmets customized of this magnitude, and this is possible thanks to Catlike doesn´t produce its helmets in other countries looking for greater profitability, but the whole process of manufacture of their helmets takes place in their headquarters in Murcia, facilities open to the visit of cyclists and users who are interested in discovering the handmade process of manufacturing the Catlike helmets. This careful manufacturing allows Catlike to produce unique products of the highest quality and safety, fundamental principles of the Spanish brand.

In addition, by fully manufacturing their personalized helmets in Yecla, Murcia, can produce Little amounts or exclusive units in a short time, a key feature to develop a customization program like this.

Similar personalization programs already existed in other sectors and sports, but not to create personalized cycling helmets, so that the Murcia brand becomes thus the first manufacturer of helmets of bike that allows the user to live an absolutely unique experience from the start to the end, creating a totally exclusive and unrepeatable product, or also being able to dress their club or cycling club with Catlike helmets of a design of its own, providing a group image and unique unity.

For more information about the New Customization APP from Catlike click here.

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The New Shiva 2.0 Full Face Helmet from Kali Protectives

Kali Protectives (USA) – Kali Protectives launched their new Shiva 2.0 and Shiva 2.0 Carbon Full Face Helmets.

Shiva 2.0:
Designed for riders who demand exceptional performance and uncompromising comfort. Kali's proprietary Nano Fusion and LDL efficiently dissipate impact forces, setting the standard in full face helmet protection.
  • Features: Break-away visor; Anti-microbial Pads; Removable/Washable Liner; Helmet Sock
  • Material: Tri-Weave Shell Nano & EPS Foam
  • Vents: 10 Head, 4 Brow, 4 Chin Bar
  • Weight: 1190 G / 42 OZ
  • Sizes: XS (53-54 CM) S (55-56 CM) M (57-58 CM) L (59-60 CM) XL (61-62 CM)
  • Certifications: DOT, ASTM F1952, ASTM 2032, ASTM F2040, CPSC, EN 1078

Shiva 2.0 Carbon:
The new Shiva 2.0 Carbon - designed for riders who demand exceptional performance and uncompromising comfort. Kali's proprietary Nano Fusion and LDL efficiently dissipate impact forces, setting the standard in off-road helmet protection.
  • Features: Break-away visor; Anti-microbial Pads; Removable/Washable Liner; Helmet Sock
  • Material: Full Carbon SHELL; Nano & EPS Foam
  • Vents: 10 Head, 4 Brow, 4 Chin Bar
  • Weight: 1050 G / 37.1 OZ
  • Sizes: XS (53-54 CM) S (55-56 CM) M (57-58 CM) L (59-60 CM) XL (61-62 CM)
  • Certifications: DOT, ASTM F1952, ASTM 2032, ASTM F2040, CPSC, EN 1078


For more information about the New Shiva 2.0 and Shiva 2.0 Carbon from Kali Protectives click here and here.

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Fiiiit brings 4iiii Precision Powermeter technology to Indoor Cycling

4iiii (Canada) – 4iiii Innovations, a Cochrane, Alberta company, is bringing the same PRECISION powermeter technology used by World Tour cycling teams Quick-Step Floors and Bora-hansgrohe to the increasingly popular indoor cycling market. The waterproof PRECISION is also being used to train the crews of ORACLE TEAM USA in defence of yachting’s America’s Cup.

4iiii CEO Kip Fyfe comments that “we’re proud to offer PRECISION powermeter technology to enhance and personalize the indoor cycling experience. With the expertise of an inspired 4iiii team we’ve adapted the powermeter used by professional cyclists to indoor studio and home use. Now, any bike with a compatible bottom bracket can be a state of the art power bike.”

The Fiiiit powermeter measures the energy a rider produces. 4iiii Product Manager Brandon Riches notes that “accurate powermeters combined with high-level heart rate monitors such as our Viiiiva enable riders to monitor improvements in their fitness and strength as heart rates drop and watts increase.”

Indoor Cycling merges community, cycling, music and professional instruction in an intense workout that burns 300–500 calories an hour.

4iiii Innovations is a major force in running and on/off road cycling, offering a full range of industry leading products including Fiiiit, PRECISION and PRECISION PRO powermeters, Viiiiva heart rate monitors and the Sportiiii performance coach.

For more information about the New Fiiit PRECISION Powermeter from 4iiii click here.

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The New RS Pro Bib Short from Sugoi

Sugoi (Canada) – For 2017, Sugoi have refined the institution, the RS Pro Bib Short. Cutting edge fabric and design make this their quintessential bib short to ride farther and train harder in blissed-out comfort. Ultra Aero fabric on outer thighs maximize efficiency. Engineered fabric on front panels increase breathability. And the completely updated Formula FX Chamois features 3D cradle technology to reduce pressure and Poron foam under the sit bones for vibrating-damping where you need it most.

Available in stores and online now, the RS Pro Bib Short is covered by the 60 Day Comfort Guarantee. Test ride it for up to 60 days and see for yourself.


For more information about the New RS Pro Bib Short from Sugoi click here.

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CeramicSpeed’s Oversized Pulley Wheel System now compatible with Shimano 9100/9150

CeramicSpeed (Denmark) – Visibly improving the performance of riders worldwide, CeramicSpeed completes its Oversized Pulley Wheel System (OSPW System) offering for Shimano with the new 9100/9150 series.

Answering the demand of riders worldwide, CeramicSpeed has broadened the compatibility of the most efficient oversized pulley wheel system available on the market with a new offering. The CeramicSpeed OSPW System can now complete its Shimano offering with the new 9100 series compatibility. The new OSPW System features a 13/19T pulley wheel combination and can fit cassettes of up to 32t.

13/19T pulley wheels:
Because of the design of the 9100 derailleur, the R&D team at CeramicSpeed has tested and concluded that the best performing combination of oversized pulleys is 13-tooth upper and 19-tooth lower pulley. The design of the original derailleur does not allow for a pulley wheel to be larger than 13-tooth in the upper slot. With the 13-tooth upper pulley in place, there was more space for the lower pulley, and thus the 19-tooth option was found optimal.

Bigger pulleys, increased longevity:
The entire design of the OSPW System for Shimano 9100 series is very strong and stiff, ensuring a high durability factor. In-house tests show that the bigger number of teeth on pulley wheel the longer pulley wheel lifetime. Since the lower pulley is the one most exposed to wear, the 13/19T combination is a great advantage for durability.

30% less friction:
“Compared to the original Shimano pulley wheels, in-house tests have shown 30% less friction in the new CeramicSpeed OSPW System. Thanks to the high-quality CeramicSpeed bearings, lightweight components and proven design, the OSPW System for Shimano 9100 series improves the bike performance of any rider.”

Tested both in the lab as well as on the road, Team Dimension Data for Qhubeka rider, Nathan Haas, has already finished in 4th place at the Amstel Gold Race, riding with the new CeramicSpeed OSPW System for Shimano 9100. He adds that “CeramicSpeed is an awesome partner to work with as their products simply make riding bikes smoother. I especially like the OSPW System, it’s the future!”.

For more information about the Oversized Pulley Wheel System (OSPW System) from CeramicSpeed click here.

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New 2017 Saddles from MSC

MSC (Spain) – "Comfort, design and Versatility at a good price."

MSC Bikes presents its two new ranges of saddles, oriented to the most popular XC and road cycling. Designed within the brand itself, both models are characterized by a wide gel reinforcement that brings ergonomic and comfort to the rider; For its matte/shine finishes and it soft touch, being a versatile and ideal option for each cyclist to personalize his bike to measure; And for its price, competitive in its segment. Available in black, blue, red and magenta, each model adapts to the specific characteristics of each cyclist.

MSC5095, grip and maximum comfort:
The MSC5095 is characterized by a wide size (27x14cm) and a lowered and embossed central belt that provides more grip to the cyclist in adverse situations. It has colors that refer to the brand itself and makes the saddle more attractive and showy. Its weight is 277 grams and its PVP is 24€.

  • Gel band
  • Size: 27x14cm
  • Available in 4 colors: black, red, blue and magenta
  • Matte / shine finish Centered recessed and embosses channel, for comfort and grip
  • Round aluminum rails, 7mm thick and 50mm fit
  • 277 grams
  • PVP: 24€
MSC STAR, more stylized profile and sobriety in its design:
The MSC STAR model follows the line of the previous model, with several peculiarities that make it different. First, it has a more stylized and rounded structure (28x13,5), which makes it more comfortable and manageable in XC and road races. It also has finishes and reliefs that differentiate MSC in its rear, with a trim that go from tip to tip of the saddle, and a central channel lowered that increase the grip of the cyclist on the bike. Its final weight is 292 grams and its PVP is 28€

  • Gel band
  • For XC or Road
  • Size: 28x13,5cm, more rounded profile
  • Available in 4 colors: black, red, blue and magenta
  • Matte / shine finish Centered recessed and embosses channel, for comfort and grip
  • Round aluminum rails, 7mm thick and 50mm fit
  • 292 grams
  • PVP: 28€

For more information about the New Saddles from MSC click here.

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New Raptor 27.5 Carbon Wheels from HED Cycling

HED Cycling (USA) – “They said it couldn't be done. Plus-size tires and bikes weren't supposed to be fast, win races, or feel as light and agile as their skinny-tire cousins. We took that as a challenge, and sought to create the widest, lightest, highest-performance 27.5+ carbon wheel in the world. After countless prototypes and hours of testing, we are extremely proud to bring you the new Raptor“.

The numbers don't lie - 45mm external rim width, 40mm inner rim width, and a jaw-dropping 430 gram rim weight. Combined with a new rim bed shape, tubeless setup is a snap (literally), and offers superb air retention - even at super low pressures. HED Cycling offer several hub options to suit your needs, and all Raptors are hand-built with their stringent QC process.

While the Raptor will definitely inject some True Speed into your 27.5+ trail bike, they can also be used as summer wheels for your fat bike, when built on hubs with fat bike spacing. HED Cycling test riders report that they’re nothing short of “brilliant!”

For more information about the New Raptor 27.5 Carbon Wheels from HED Cycling click here.

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