DoucheBags partners with Team Sky and launches the Tour and Trail Bike Bags

DoucheBags (Norway) – DoucheBags announced their partnership with Team Sky and entrance into the bike market with the launch of the Trail and Tour Bike Bags. The Tour and Trail bike bags are the result of a close collaboration with Team Sky.

Making a bag for a team which is in a constant motion of transporting bikes between races and training camps all over the world is not an easy task. Adding to the mix that these bikes are fine-tuned down to the very last millimeter and the most integral piece of performance technology, makes it, we’ll have to admit, nothing less than the ultimate bag challenge.

It belongs to the story that Team Sky had already tried for years to work with several big players in the travel bag industry, but none of their bike bags had managed to meet the team’s high demands. This was when Team Sky’s head mechanic, Allan Williams, noticed Db's innovative approach to ski and snowboard bags, and he thought that perhaps this Norwegian startup company could rise to the challenge.

Allan brought the idea to Carsten Jeppesen, Head of Technical Operations at Team Sky. The two realized that nothing comparable to Db’s ski and snowboard bag existed in the bike world, and that applying a similar innovative approach to bike bags could be a game changer for their team that travels with over 30 bikes overseas.

And thus, Db’s CEO Truls Brataas met with Alan and Carsten at the National Cycling Centre in Manchester. The meeting resulted in instant love between the two companies, as Sky and Db saw that their core business philosophies matched perfectly. The challenge was accepted.

A complex development process started. Not only did Team Sky demand unparalleled product functionality; protection, lightweight, functionality and convenience at a new level were also at the top of the list of demands. At the same time, handlebars and seat poles had to be able to stay on the bike. Adding factors like the size of x-ray machines and the stability of bike bags, it all boiled down to questioning the very basics of the product – redefining the bike bag.

Following more than two years of non-stop hard work together with Team Sky as well as mountain bike athletes like The Atherton’s and many more, we finally managed to design a hybrid, with benefits of both hard case and soft case. A PCT-patented pending solution that meets the only precondition we set.

The time has come to launch our two bike bags The Tour and The Trail.

The Tour Bag:

The Trail Bag:


For more information about the New Tour and Trail Bike Bags from DoucheBags click here and here.

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Mavic is launching the New Comète Ultimate Road Shoes with 1000 Euro price tag

Mavic (France) – A racing shoe with the best power transfer and closest connection with the bike ever seen in cycling footwear.

Full-on power:
The Energy Shell Carbon offers 360° power transfer and transmits all the energy delivered by the racer to the bike - a game changer in cycling shoe construction.

Bio-position is optimized with a very low stack height (4.5mm), delivering an incredible connection with the machine.

Carbon material produces the same stiffness and performance from the first kilometer to the last.

Performance-oriented fit:
Two Mavic Ergo Dials provide two-way micro adjustment for optimal fit and support.

The Smart Release function added to the Mavic Ergo Dial makes the shoe easy and quick to open.

Soft intern fabric on strategic parts of the foot delivers an adaptable fit on the top of the shoe.

All-weather performance:
This unique construction offers complete weather versatility thanks to the removable bootie and two bootie options: Rain Ride and Hot Ride to suit different conditions.

Mavic spent the last three years looking for the holy grail in cycling footwear: a shoe that can transmit consistent power from rider to pedal on all 360° of the pedal rotation. And they have found it.

Mavic new Energy Carbon Shell is revolutionary in every sense of the word. The groundbreaking full carbon frame delivers consistent power from the first km to the last, created with an incredibly low stack height that leaves your ankles free to move fully.

This unique construction can make all the difference in sprints to the finish line – giving you that extra split second. It also gives the shoe versatility for all weather types, as you can swap between the rain bootie and the hot ride bootie depending on conditions.

It’s micro adjustable thanks to two Mavic Ergo dials, so you can find your fit to the closest mm. Soft internal fabric gives you an adaptable fit on the top of the shoe. While a smart release function makes the shoe quick and easy to get off – once you’re done leaving everyone in the dust.

Available at select dealers mid-April.

For more information about the New Comète Ultimate Road Shoes from Mavic click here.

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Switch – The New Quick-Change Direct Mount Chainring System from OneUp Components

OneUp Components (Canada) – Switch was developed to reduce the cost of replacement chainrings, increase compatibility with new offsets and to make the process of changing your chainring much faster and simpler.

Quick Change: Rings can be replaced in less than a minute with only a 4mm allen key, without removing your crank. Simply loosen the bolts 2 turns, unlock the ring by rotating it by 20 degrees and pull it over and off your crank. Reverse these steps to install your new ring. If you plan to ride a trail that you know is steeper than your local trails, you can switch to a smaller ring in the parking lot, in less time than it takes your friend to put on his riding shoes.

  • Cheaper Replacement Cost - Replacement rings are a fraction of the cost of a complete direct mount chainring
  • Quick Change - Replace your ring in less than an minute, using only a 4mm hex key. Tailor your gearing to the terrain that you're riding
  • Enduro World Series Champion Winning Narrow Wide tooth profile keeps your chain in place on the roughest terrain
  • 5 Ring Sizes (28, 30, 32, 34, 36T)
  • 2 Profiles - both Round and Oval
  • Get ultimate traction with Oval rings by smoothing out the torque you deliver to your rear tire
  • 3 Offsets - Regular, Boost and Super Boost


For more information about the New Switch Quick-Change Direct Mount Chainring System from OneUp Components click here.

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Commencal launched the 2017 Furious DownHill Bike

Commencal (Andorra) – Simplicity is Beauty.

COMMENCAL’s objective with the FURIOUS DH platform was to create a sleek bike that has the ability to smash times thanks to its dynamism, whilst also putting a smile on freeriders faces.

The FURIOUS is crammed with technology drawn from all previous frames developed at COMMENCAL, every detail has been refined - kinematics, geometry and the frame construction.

The FURIOUS uses Al 6066 triple butted tubes shaped to optimise the mechanical performance and weight. This allows COMMENCAL to control the flex characteristics for a compliant precise bike. As always, reliability remains a priority at COMMENCAL.

The bearings are oversized to ensure a longer life, the rocker is designed to minimise the stresses on the shock allowing for better suspension performance. The rocker is integrated into the seat stay to form a single piece. This integration is part of the personality of the FURIOUS and gives it a sleek look. The shock mount is embedded in the down tube, again adding to a clean aesthetic finish.

COMMENCAL continue to provide internal cable routing. The cables pass as close to the main pivot point as possible to minimise movement and prevent premature wear. New seals inserts ensure a perfect fit with the added bonus of a higher quality end-product.

The chainstay protector is made by double density injection. The polypropylene chassis provides a tight fit with the chainstay and the specially designed rubber layer helps to dampen the chain for a silent ride.

The FURIOUS also includes specifically designed down tube protection to avoid damage from flying debris when riding.

Contact System:
Year after year COMMENCAL continues to believe in their Contact System and they adapt it for each discipline. COMMEMCAL kept a single main pivot because they don’t believe there is a better solution to ensure consistency.

The goal is to offer a bike that is easy to handle, predictable and very well balanced from front to back. Keeping the bike balance is effortless and as a result, you can save energy and in turn, everything becomes easier.

With the FURIOUS, COMMENCAL wanted the best possible ratio of comfort-to-dynamism. That’s why the main pivot is located in this specific spot. This position avoids generating too much kickback negatively affecting the suspension performance.

COMMENCAL use chain tension to get that lively frame they wanted. This is pretty helpful to gain speed in compressions and corners. It also gives more support on take-offs providing great jumping characteristics.

As usual, COMMENCAL’s kinematics are progressive to provide grip, support and control at the end of travel. The FURIOUS introduces the « Progressive Contact System ». An S size is more linear than an XL. If assuming that someone who rides a size small is lighter than a rider who chooses an XL, a bike that is too progressive will prevent them from being able to use the entirety of the travel.

In contrast, a heavier rider will need more a progressive feel to get more support and to avoid bottoming out. With the Progressive Contact System, COMMENCAL don’t make any compromises, but instead they ensure the dynamics are relevant for each size of bike and rider.

The level of riding and bike performance are increasing. The need for stability is becoming greater and more important than ever. The FURIOUS has a long front end that provides stability and excellent grip for the front wheel. Still, COMMENCAL wanted a fun bike too so they use short chain stay to get a bike that is easy to ride, easy to corner, responsive to changes in trajectory and playful over jumps.

For the same reasons, the head angle remains pretty standard for this category. The bike gives confidence in steep conditions, remains easy to corner and fun to ride.

The Range:
Furious Race:

Furious Origin Yellow:

Furious Origin Green:

Furious Origin Black:

For more information about the New 2017 Furious DownHill Bike from Commencal click here.

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New Chameleon MTB Bike from Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz (USA) – Dirt or asphalt, mountain or urban, geared or singlespeed—the moniker Chameleon has never rang more true than on this updated-for-2017 Santa Cruz classic.

Upsized to either 29-inch or 27.5+ wheels, the Chameleon shifts from trail rally sled to bikepacker to winter slayer with simple, elegant aplomb.

The wheel change is accomplished via interchangeable dropouts, and there's a singlespeed version for each wheel size—geared dropouts are 148mm-spaced, and singlespeed are 142mm.

For more information about the New Chameleon MTB Bike from Santa Cruz click here.

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New ZTR Crest S1 MTB Wheelset from Stan’s NoTubes

Stan's NoTubes (USA) – Building off the success of the Crest MK3, the Crest S1 aims to provide the same great ride with an emphasis on value and durability.

This new Crest has been designed according to Stan’s WideRight rim and tire fit system, with a rim profile optimized for 2.00” - 2.25” tires. The result is increased tire volume for improved stability with wider tires. With a 32-hole front and rear spoke count, 6061 alloy eyeleted rims, and easily replaceable standard spokes, the Sentry S1 has been engineered to withstand the toughest of riding. Combined with faster-engaging, CNC-machined Neo hubs available in configurations to fit nearly any bike.

The search for a fast XC wheelset built for a long life ends with the Crest S1.


For more information about the New ZTR Crest S1 Wheelset from Stan's NoTubes click here.

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Ribble Launched the New Gran Fondo Disc Road Bike

Ribble (UK) - The brand new Gran Fondo Disc raises the bar for lightweight carbon disc bikes for longer endurance riding. It has been designed with sporting geometry with your perfect position on the bike the upmost priority. Gran Fondo is an Italian term which loosely translates to “Big Ride” - Ribble want you to be comfortable whatever you call a big ride, whether that is 10 miles or 110 miles.

Ideally suited to Fondo or Sportive riding the versatile Ribble Gran Fondo Disc has a more relaxed head tube angle and a longer wheelbase or trail. This makes your position on the bike more comfortable and so less tiring and the bike even easier to handle.

The addition of the very latest Flat mount disc brakes makes the Gran Fondo Disc future-proof and ideally suited to wet or extreme riding conditions such as those found in the hills and high mountains. This disc-equipped bike will give greater confidence and safety when descending or riding in big groups.

The change to a slightly taller head tube and improved tube shaping also helps provide better handling, additional comfort and increased torsional stiffness, making the Gran Fondo Disc perfectly suited for longer rides.

The Gran Fondo Disc is a frame that will quite happily go along at a steady pace, but when you want to ride a little harder, is stiff enough to transfer full power through the pedals. A dose of classic Italian styling and fully internal cable routing complete the looks of this beautiful looking bicycle.

The Ribble Gran Fondo Disc is a bike for every scenario. With clearance for 30mm wide tyres, the Gran Fondo Disc becomes even more comfortable and suitable for long rides and those that incorporate rougher road sections or cobbles.

A bike designed for a more comfortable ride that is still lightweight, fast and nimble - go far and go fast with ease on the Gran Fondo Disc.


For more information about the New Gran Fondo Disc Road Bike from Ribble click here.

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Smart Bike Systems launched the HEXAGON Rear Camera with Stop and Turn Lights

Smart Bike Systems (USA) – HEXAGON is world's first bike safety platform based on the rear view Wi-Fi Camera with automatic Stop and Turn signals.

HEXAGON is a bike safety platform with connected bike features. It is strongly focused on biker safety. Smart Bike Systems believe that it can reduce biker accident rate and save thousands of lives. The main function is to see rear view from your Wi-Fi camera, fixed under the saddle to your Smartphone screen, which is placed in holder on handlebar.

Next futures are automatic stop and turn signals. Also the mobile application can detect when you will fall and send SMS with GPS coordinates to your friends or family. Furthermore HEXAGON has turn and automatic brake’s signal on its board that extremely increase biker’s visibility on a road and make bicycle riding much safer.

HEXAGON has two modifications: HEXAGON and HEXAGON Light. HEXAGON Light has only hex LED’s lights and two battery bays while the HEXAGON has additional “boomerang” and side LED’s lights for “running line” (“ticker”) turn signal and four battery bays.

Main features:
  • Rear view Wi-Fi camera
  • Automatic STOP signal
  • Turn signals
  • Flashing Light (motion signal)
  • "Smart" control of brightness of turn and stop signals
  • Crash sensor
  • SOS signal
  • Live Streaming
  • Parental Control
  • Quick removal from bicycle to avoid theft
  • Power bank function 
  • Mobile software application (iOS 5 / Android 4.0 and above)


For more information about the New Hexagon Camera and Lights from Smart Bike Systems click here.

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New Special Performance 01 Saddle from Selle Italia

Selle Italia (Italy) – Welcome to the New Design Era.

Futuristic design, superb comfort and outstanding performance levels. The future is now here – on the back of a dream Selle Italia saddle. It’s Special Performance 01, the result of a cutting-edge combination of carbon properties.

SP01 has been made possible thanks to Selle Italia's ongoing technological product research and introduces a revolutionary concept of style, skilfully combining comfort, aesthetics and resistance. This product stands out for its innovative and adaptive rear frame, divided into two independent parts following the special “suspension link movement”. Its shape is designed to effectively support the movement of your pelvis without compromising your stability while pedalling.The unmistakable shape of the back of the seat gives the product the resistance you need to take to the road with the right support.

Lastly, the design stylishly conveys inspirations from the world of automotives. Sleek shapes with a futuristic flair that give SP01 an unmistakable design, making it the first, brilliant benchmark of a new saddle idea.

Coming in at just 125 grams, SP01 actually conceals great value in terms of the technology used to create it.

The collection of futuristic materials and more efficient composite processing methods have made it possible to achieve a result that would be unreachable with traditional technology.

SP01’s prepreg hand lay up is a manufacturing process that came directly from the aerospace and motorsport sectors, using epoxy resin prepregs, manually arranged on top of one another in a specific order to give the composite structural homogeneity.

Compression moulding technology is then used, which is a method for compressing the material into two heated moulds to achieve perfectly repeatable quality standards.

The mix of high-strength fibre, oriented in the direction of the load, along with chopped fibre, give rise to a final product with an incredible strength-to-weight ratio and isotropic properties.

For more information about the New SP-01 Saddle from Selle Italia click here.

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The New Minaki Mid CPX MTB Shoe from Vaude

Vaude (Germany) – Bike shoe for year-round cyclists.

VAUDE opens up year-round riding options for die-hard cyclists, with its mid-high Minaki Mid CPX MTB shoe. Designed to keep feet warm and dry when cold, wet weather hits, it features the Boa closure system for easy on and off.

The Minaki Mid CPX winter MTB shoe features the newly developed Ceplex Green membrane from VAUDE. VAUDE’s own Ceplex membrane is made of PU material and, unlike many commercial membranes, is free from environmentally harmful fluorocarbons. In the development of the new Ceplex GREEN membrane, VAUDE has gone a step further and replaced a portion of the originally pure petroleum-based material with recycled raw materials. The functional properties remain the same, as the membrane effectively blocks out moisture and wind while riding, and ensures high breathability.

This mid-high bike shoe is not only waterproof and windproof, it is also warmly insulated to provide excellent heat retention that keeps feet warm up to the ankles in cold weather. The insole is insulated on the bottom to ensure best fit and wearing comfort. Equipped with the Boa® closure system, it is easy to secure and lets you slip the shoe on and off easily. This rotary closure system also allows for quick re-adjustment when wearing gloves. Above the laces is a flap with a water-repellent zip to protect against dirt and splashes. A wide Velcro closure on the ankle provides additional protection and support. Reflective elements mounted on the back of the shoe enhance rider visibility even in low light conditions. A grippy profile sole is compatible with common MTB clipless pedals and offers the right mix of stiffness for effective pedal power transfer, and excellent grip and running comfort - even in winter conditions. The cleat for the clipless pedal system is covered, which makes the shoe also suitable for use on platform pedals, ideal for bike commuters, for example. The cover can be removed when using clipless pedals.

For more information about the New Minaki Mid CPX MTB Shoes from Vaude click here.

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